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“…started years ago as topic of discussion, a what if plan”

When you open the door on your first day in law you are never struck with the overriding charitable spirit of the environment.  If you are from Mars, let me explain that law is a place of regulation, deadlines and pressure. Law was never the typical place to start, but then again law was not the start, the seeds that grew Nero started before a life in law. It was never going to be easy to dampen the life experiences of its founding members. From experiences grown from; social sciences; pharmacy and sports to young minds with a conviction to always consider the way it could be. Yet law was the meeting point, and law is now our business. We all agree that it’s not the usual method of rising funds for charities but that’s where we thankfully are now. Nero’s concept started years ago as topic of discussion, a what if plan. Slowly we reached the position where we were able to put Nero into action. To actualise the original idea, to commit time and resources. To create law in our image, maybe even reflecting back to a life before and beyond law…. (Read More)

A New Generation Of law

Nero Legal Supporting UK charities. It’s  our view that success cannot be measured by pure economics or by measuring profits. For a new generation there must be opportunities that allow them to invest in their future. Property is an investment, an investment in the future. There must be a commitment behind the principles of law, to work to enhance our lives. Yet for a new generation there has long been a growing sense of anxiety and frustration with traditional legal services. Here at Nero we promote a fairer legal service that allows for growth, where everybody is able to get on in life. We all need to have security and have the ability to grow, to live, to create a home for ourselves and our children.

To succeed there must be a commitment behind the principles of law, to work to enhance our lives. A new generation is ready and struggling to purchase property. Here at Nero we provide opportunities to invest your wealth, we tailor our services and prices to give everyone the best chance. For without the inclusion of successive generations movement on the ‘property ladder’ will diminish.

By breaking down the barriers that hold too many of us back, restricting our costs and being open. There are always challenges ahead, challenges that can define our difference.

We measure our economic success not by our turnover but the number of people we help, the ability of our clients to live richer lives.

With Your Support We Can #makethedifference


Here at Nero Legal we donate 10% of your legal fee* to charity, but you choose where our money goes… (Read More)


(B) – GIFT AID – YOU CAN HELP- A great way to commit the government to also donate. With your help… (Read More)

(C) – LEAVE A LEGACY- We actively and freely help you to Leave a legacy. A vital income for charities, a tax efficient donation… (Read More)

(D) – COMMERCIAL DONATIONS- For our many commercial businesses and business people can we highlight an alternative to paying tax? … (Read More)