♥ Try The Service For Free

Our unique ‘No Obligation Service Opportunity’ allows you the opportunity to experience our highly valued service without any commitment or payment on your part. This period starts when you call and continues until you are happy to verbally accept your formal offer. The beauty is that if at any point within this period you decide not to proceed, you are free to walk away at no cost to yourself. We consider this to be the best legal option for you, saving you costs and giving you an opportunity to try our renowned service before making any decision.


♥ No Up Front Fees Or Payments Required

Here at Nero we cover the costs. We understand that many people do not have the funds at the early stages. This is especially the case for First Time Buyers, and those on a tight budget. Many firms will offer you a competitive fee but only if you make an upfront payment, we do not agree with this. As such we offer a great fee without any upfront payment. In this regards we combine our ‘No Obligation Service Opportunity’ with our guarantee to never require any up front payments or costs. Any fees or payments would only we collected at the end of your transaction and only if it went through.


♥ Free Offers

Unlike other firms we do not charge for putting in offers. Again other firms charge significant fees for any offer you make (successful or not). We consider this to be against our charter to clients and as such you can offer and negotiate as much as you want at no extra cost, its as simple as that.



♥ Supporting Leading UK Charities

With your support Nero legal will donate 10% of the standard legal fee to charity; this can amount to a massive 33% of our profits to support others, while keeping the costs to you down. We also do our best to help by way of ‘Leave A Legacy’, ‘Gift Aid’ and encourage firms about offsetting profits by way of charity donations. (Read More)


♥ Read More About Our Founding Principles

At some point in our lives we all want to do more, be more… (Read More)




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