” Have you ever stopped to consider …”


We find ourselves regularly stopping to consider stuff. We find it is both healthy and beneficial, a necessary component in any evolution. Each morning when you start your day you are probably not aware that things are always changing. Sometimes its just an insignificant event that may go unnoticed, so small that it only to appears with the benefit of hindsight. On other occasions an event happens which, there and then you know things are changing, they won’t be the same again.


As lawyers this can pose a very significant problem. Let me explain. First off I’m sure you are thinking this doesn’t affect me, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Always remember that at the end of the day there is a cost both financially and emotionally to any work. As Lawyers we are constantly dealing with and trying to see the effects of unintended consequences.


Lets accept that we are bound by laws. Laws created by both a government visions and lately, public opinion that shapes government direction. So successive governments react to any change by creating another rule, bylaw, code of conduct, directive, act of parliament and in our case also, acts of the Scottish parliament. The red tape adds up, it piles on top of the last rule and in turn this process goes on and on. What we are left with is a mountain of ill thought out and rarely consistent law and rules that you the client find themselves having to navigate.  But hold on we have a new set of codes that are now appearing, the moral codes and ethical practices. So what have we to make of it. We both have to pass through this bureaucratic forest together. Oh yes, don’t forget that you the client and ourselves who live this every day, much achieve the positive result for a fair price without the trauma that defeats the reason for the venture in the first place.



Fear causes excess rules and removes the people further from their hopes and dreams. As a direct result the rules add up creating stress and increasing the potential costs.  In an effort to navigate the ever increasing legislation people require to seek the help from more niche experts who have the experience and understanding to cushion their client from the stress worry and any extra costs.

As a nation we give to much weight to the financial costs, over our own experiences. There is a general perception that the best way to fix a problem is to throw money at it. Money does not fix issues, people do, ideas do and having the strength to take decisions in the face of your own fears. Its time we put our need to have a positive life before our desire to save a few pounds. We all pay for to high a cost for cheapening our lives.

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