We are glad you asked, Nero Legal are a firm of Scottish Property solicitors whose main aim is to help a new generation of individuals climb the property ladder. Whether you are just simply taking your first steps on the ladder with being a first time buyer or maybe you are thinking of becoming a property developer and expanding your investments, if so Nero Legal is the solicitor for you.

Nero Legal tailors a conveyancing package to each individual to ensure that we suit your main needs and requirements. Everyone is different and that is what we love! If you are a first time buyer we can help answer all and any of those questions that may be niggling in your head and guide you through the process. Our team here at Nero Legal completely understand that this is a big commitment whether it is a commitment to your time, money or even your relationship so we in turn are completely committed to giving you the best experience possible.

Here at Nero Legal we also have a commercial department so if you are a property developer looking to expand your investments or if you are thinking of starting your own business look no further! Nero Legal has an experienced commercial legal team that can assist with any venture.

We understand that investing in property, whether it is your first time or not, can incur unexpected costs, anxiety and a handful of sleepless nights and that’s why we aim to provide the best service possible with the best fee suited to your needs.

Nero Legal wants to help you invest in your future and help you open the door to new opportunities.  We want to invite the new generation, whoever you may be, to the property ladder where we will be waiting to lend a hand up.

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