What’s It All About?

“…started years ago as topic of discussion, a what if plan”


When you open the door on your first day in law you are never struck with the overriding charitable spirit of the environment.  If you are from Mars, let me explain that law is a place of regulation, deadlines and pressure. Law was never the typical place to start, but then again law was not the start, the seeds that grew Nero started before a life in law. It was never going to be easy to dampen the life experiences of its founding members. From experiences grown from; social sciences; pharmacy and sports to young minds with a conviction to always consider the way it could be. Yet law was the meeting point, and law is now our business. We all agree that it’s not the usual method of rising funds for charities but that’s where we thankfully are now. Nero’s concept started years ago as topic of discussion, a what if plan. Slowly we reached the position where we were able to put Nero into action. To actualise the original idea, to commit time and resources. To create law in our image, maybe even reflecting back to a life before and beyond law.

” So we started with 3 simple ideas.”

So we decided on our overarching principles, to keep the doors open and help generate donations for charities, to involve our clients, and try and make our lives in law that bit better. So we started with 3 simple ideas. Firstly, we decided against profit based donations for these could be fudged. So we decided to donate direct from the fees. Secondly, we wanted to involve our clients. So again, we decided to let our clients choose which of our leading UK charities we would pass the donation to. Thirdly, we hoped that with our support, our clients may consider doing that little bit more. So we produce information and help for our clients to donate through Gift Aid, Leave A Legacy or by prompting them to consider Commercial Tax incentives.

” At some point in our lives we all want to do more, be more…”

So why is it so important to us all here? Well working in law is a stressful daily endeavor, it’s not easy being the messenger, the collector of taxes and the enforcer for rules and the government. For us all at Nero our overarching goals keeps us human, they keep us positive. At some point in our lives we all want to do more, be more, Nero is our chance.

As you can imagine it took months of hard work for our compliance, especially given that we do have an unusual set up. Nero is now fully regulated by the Law Society of Scotland as solicitors and notaries, a contributor to the Solicitors Guarantee Fund and Master Insurance Policy. Nero is one of the few approved and regulated to operate for all high streets banks and lenders. Nero is also registered with the Registers Of Scotland and Revenue Scotland for the submission deeds and payments on behalf of clients.

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